Improve your business processes
with Odoo apps

Odoo is an open source ERP system that offers a wide range of business applications. These apps are fully integrated, so you always have insights into all relevant information, anywhere, anytime. Here is a selection of Odoo apps and what they mean.

The different Odoo apps

Odoo has different apps and is modularly built. This means that you only need to implement the modules you need. You can also add or customize an additional Odoo module at any time. Here is an overview of the existing Odoo applications and what they mean for you.


With the relationship management module of Odoo, you can easily manage and segment all relationships and contacts of your company.


The Odoo Accounting module provides a clear overview of your income and expenses, which is essential for good management.

Procurement management

Get a simple and clear overview of your suppliers and purchase orders with Odoo Procurement Management.


Drag your tasks into the right phase, thanks to the handy drag-and-drop view.


Build a SEO-friendly and professional website very easily with the Odoo Websitebuilder.

Inventory management

Manage your warehouse, efficiently organise it and get instant insights into inventory levels. Improve your supply method.


Now keep track of your hours in detail per activity. Work both offline and online with this module without losing data.


Easily manage your customer relationships with Odoo POS. Your cash register is compatible with any device with this module.


Find everything you need in one software package. View your stock and plan the entire product process.

"As a consultant, we see at our customers that Odoo delivers a high return. Employees are enthusiastic about the user-friendly system and the possibilities it offers. This leads to satisfied management and colleagues."

   Koen Vranken Dynapps Business Consultant

Extra Odoo tools

In addition to the main Odoo applications, there are various Odoo tools that further facilitate your business processes. In total, Odoo has over 30 main applications, we will take out a number of relevant tools.


With this app, you can create clear, professional, and complete invoices in just a few seconds. This module is connected to both purchasing and sales processes.

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Do you want to have documents signed quickly and efficiently without printing and scanning? That is now possible with this module. So you don't lose anything by storing everything digitally.

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This app provides you with an overview of which employees are present and which are not. Maximize your productivity by planning well in advance with this data.

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Optimise the productivity of your company with the Odoo Helpdesk. Let actions be automated and get a clear overview of the handling phase of tickets.

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Get a clear picture of how much money is being spent per employee and on what. You don't have to keep any receipts anymore. Arrange it now via this module.

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A handy tool to collect employee evaluations. These can be used to measure employee satisfaction and identify new opportunities.

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Why choose Odoo

Odoo is a CRM system that offers a number of advantages, including:

Integrated system

All apps are fully integrated, so you always have insights into all relevant information, anywhere, anytime.

Open source

Odoo is open source software, so you can customize the software to meet the needs of your business.


Odoo is an affordable solution for SME businesses.

Discover the benefits of Odoo for yourself

No more multiple software applications. With Odoo, you can improve your efficiency and reduce your costs.