Odoo Inventory Management Software

Get an up-to-date and detailed overview of your inventory? Improve your efficiency and profitability with Odoo and discover what the Odoo inventory module can do for you.
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What can the Odoo inventory module do? 

Now improve your warehouse efficiency. Odoo Inventory Management helps you to better organize your warehouse, improve your procurement method, and ensure that you always have enough inventory without holding it for too long.

In addition, the Odoo "inventory management software" is part of the modular Odoo platform solution that is fully integrated with the inventory module, so you can use it stand-alone or as part of the total solution. 

Features of the Odoo Inventory Management Software

  • Manage an unlimited number of inventory locations and inventory levels.
  • Track inventory movements, such as receipts, transfers, and shipments.
  • Optimise inventory using automatic inventory calculations.
  • Set rules for automatic inventory replenishment.
  • Full barcode support.
  • Tracing of serial numbers and/or batch numbers.
  • Expiration dates.
  • Configurable routes.
  • And much more!​
Manage multiple locations and warehouses

You can create multiple warehouses and maintain an overview by defining locations within the warehouses. In addition, products are easy to move between the different warehouses, if necessary.

Instant insight into inventory levels

There are different ways to get an overview of your inventory levels. For example, you can go to one of your warehouses to request inventory levels based on inventory changes, but you can also request the numbers at the product level regardless of the warehouses.

Detailed product information

Add detailed information to each product. Set parameters for products that cause automation in the process.

Overview of all inventory movements

Inventory movements in Odoo are clear and complete and clear. For example, it is carefully and automatically noted when a product is moved. By adding handy filters, you can for example request inventory movements from a certain time period.


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