Odoo for manufacturing

Odoo is a complete ERP solution that helps you optimize your procurement, production and 
inventory management. With Odoo, you have everything you need to work more efficiently, save costs, and improve your competitive position.


Tailored solutions

Odoo is the fully integrated solution for your production company. You can manage everything in one system. All data is stored centrally in one place:

Bill of materials (BOM)
Work centers
Production planning
Cost calculation

On production order level

Digital work orders

Operations possible

Quality controls

Online quality system

Inventory management

On-hand inventory and inventory items

Product lifecycle management
Track & trace

Of batch/lot numbers

odoo for production companies

Odoo apps for production

Run your business efficiently? No more spreadsheets, manual work orders, and daily calculations for procurement. With Odoo, you have insight and overview of all production processes from one system.


Procurement management

Determine a minimum inventory level for each product and receive automatic procurement advice. This will prevent you from having too little inventory and you can always meet the demand of your customers.

With the extensive reporting capabilities of Odoo, you always have insight into your inventory levels, inventory values, purchase invoices, and other important data. This allows you to optimize your procurement processes and save costs.


Inventory management

With Odoo, you can efficiently organize your warehouse and optimize your logistics. By creating multiple warehouses and defining different locations, you keep an overview and can easily move products.

Odoo helps you to:

  • Prevent insufficient
  • Minimize long lead times
  • Reduce unnecessary inventory

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Everything integrated

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