We are proud of what we do.

We see every customer as a partner.  

We start each project with an eye to optimising business processes, not from an IT requirement perspective. This requires a deep understanding: process knowledge coupled with business administration. Dynapps has built up experience in various sectors and branches.

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Dynapps supports the growth at Medisale

Medisale started its operations in 2017, starting from a warehouse to supply its own pharmacies, rest homes and psychiatric institutions. Soon Medisale grew into an international wholesaler based in Ghent, Belgium but with branches in Spain and Lithuania


Pluginvest chooses a fully integrated website in Odoo

Pluginvest supports companies in their transition to sustainable mobility. They offer various charging solutions for companies and individuals.


The growth trajectory of bicycle leasing company CYCLIS.

Our customer Cyclis offers an answer to this with their bicycle leasing services. Leave your car at home and reduce your carbon footprint. Dynapps worked with Cyclis to support the growth trajectory with Odoo as the ERP package.


Using hydrogen as an energy source? Borit's business operations with Odoo

Hydrogen contains three times more energy than diesel. No CO2, SOx and particulate matter are released with the combustion of hydrogen. And the only thing coming out of the exhaust is water.


The implementation of Odoo at Climatrix.

After an exciting analysis at Climatrix, the partner for professionals in innovative heating and cooling systems, we started implementing Odoo in early May 2020.


Twerk has chosen Odoo as its ERP package

Twerk chose Odoo through dynapps to better align their processes. And that has proven successful.

Health care

Bednet chooses dynapps

Bednet has been working with Odoo for about four years to support their internal work processes. In this way, the administrative processes are automated, allowing Bednet employees to focus on their 'core business'.

Dynapps implements Odoo in Nairobi for Puratos.

Puratos was looking for a fast and easy-to-implement ERP package for a number of subsidiaries. Initially, the goal is to use purchasing, sales, logistics, CRM and accounting and then expand to include manufacturing, among others.

Pitpoint and Powerdale also choose Odoo!

The importance of living greener continues to be a hot topic. All the more reason why we want to contribute to this with dynapps. We are proud that our customers Pitpoint clean fuels and Powerdale have also chosen Odoo.


Telsmart chooses dynapps as its Odoo Gold Partner!

Telsmart is in the midst of strong growth. To support this growth administratively, Telsmart has been using Odoo for some time. To further accelerate its growth in the near future, Telsmart is partnering with Odoo GOLD partner dynapps


Dynapps implements Odoo at Cemminerals

The new cement factory of Cemminerals in the Ghent seaport is ready for production. The initiator is Deceuninck CEO Francis Van Eeckhout.