New perspectives, familiar values: Alpiek becomes Dynapps.

Recently, we joined forces with Alpiek, the second-largest Odoo implementation partner in the Netherlands. Together, we form a team of 115 passionate experts, located in 5 offices across Belgium and the Netherlands, to better serve our customers. This strategic partnership strengthens our service, proposition, and expertise as a global leader in Odoo, contributing to our growth story.


A history of growth and innovation

Our story begins in 2010 when our founders and CEO, Karel Hendrickx, and COO, Janik Thorez, set out to find an ERP system with unparalleled potential for the SME landscape in Belgium (MKB landscape in the Netherlands). In that quest, they discovered Odoo, the Belgian ERP company founded by Fabien Pinckaers. Odoo's open-source philosophy, which encourages community-driven development and offers an extensive suite of nearly 40,000 business applications, resonated with them immediately. 

"The acquisition of Alpiek marks a significant milestone in our growth strategy. We are excited to join forces and serve our customers even better."

Karel HendrickxManaging partner Dynapps

Over the years, Odoo has experienced remarkable growth. The increasing demand for the user-friendly and intuitive ERP system, driven by its compelling advantages compared to traditional ERP solutions, encouraged Dynapps to expand its horizons. In our pursuit of becoming the number one Odoo implementation partner worldwide, we joined forces with Green Park Investment Partners in 2021. This investment firm, with offices in Ghent and Amsterdam, specializes in scaling digital businesses and laid the foundation for an ambitious buy-and-build strategy. This partnership provided us with the resources and expertise to achieve our growth ambitions. 

The collaboration with Alpiek - a new chapter. 

In 2022, we took our first step into the Dutch market with the opening of our office in Capelle aan den IJssel. Under the leadership of office director Roger Flinterman, this office grew rapidly and established a solid team of 8 dedicated employees, in addition to impressive customer references.

"Our focus on further expansion will provide our customers with new opportunities and strengthen our presence in the Netherlands."

Roger Flinterman Office director Capelle aan den IJssel

Recently, our paths crossed with Alpiek, the second-largest Odoo implementer in the Netherlands. Discussions to jointly serve the market went smoothly due to our shared values and expertise. It was, therefore, a logical decision to join forces. With the addition of 14 experts and an impressive portfolio of 80 references and 1500 active users, we significantly enhance our position in the Benelux region. 

"The strength of our collaboration with Dynapps lies in our shared values of customer focus and quality. Together, we elevate Odoo implementation to a higher level."

Maarten Bressers Office director Oisterwijk

Alongside Alpiek, we look forward to continuing our collaboration and serving our customers and the broader Odoo community even better. Their satisfaction remains our top priority.