How Odoo is integrated with the Peppol network

Belgium is on the brink of a significant transformation in B2B transactions. With the new e-invoicing law set to take effect in January 2026, businesses across the country are gearing up to adapt. This legislation mandates a shift from traditional invoicing methods to a fully digital process, raising a critical question: How can your business seamlessly transition to comply with these regulations?

Peppol access point in Odoo
How does Peppol work?

PEPPOL, or the Pan-European Public Procurement Online, is designed to simplify electronic transactions across Europe and beyond. It's not just a system but a standard that enables businesses to send and receive e-invoices and other business documents regardless of the countries they operate in. The beauty of PEPPOL lies in its network, which facilitates secure, standardized transactions, ensuring compliance and enhancing efficiency. 

What is the role of Odoo?

Odoo takes center stage as a comprehensive suite of business management software tools. From CRM and e-commerce to accounting and inventory management, Odoo serves as an all-in-one platform to streamline business operations. Its flexibility and scalability make it suitable for businesses of all sizes, aiming to boost efficiency and drive growth. 

How can Odoo and Peppol help your business?

The integration of Odoo with PEPPOL is not just an advancement; it's a transformative shift for businesses gearing up for Belgium's new e-invoicing regulations. Unlike traditional systems that rely on established "access points" for integration, Odoo sets itself apart by directly connecting with PEPPOL—making it its own access point. This distinction places Odoo leaps ahead of competitors, offering a unique advantage in the digital invoicing landscape. 

  • Direct Integration for Compliance: With Odoo acting as its own PEPPOL access point, navigate e-invoicing mandates with unmatched ease. ​
  • Streamlined Processes: Automate invoicing for faster, error-free transactions. ​
  • Future-Proofing: Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
Why not choose the existing path?

Firstly, by bypassing the conventional access points—which often incur costs per invoice sent and received—Odoo offers a cost-effective solution. This direct pathway to PEPPOL not only eliminates unnecessary expenses but also streamlines the invoicing process. With Odoo, businesses can say goodbye to the per-invoice fees that add up over time, ensuring a more sustainable, cost-efficient operation. 

Furthermore, the direct integration between Odoo and PEPPOL means there's no need for an intermediary. Typically, working with a third-party access point involves not just startup costs but also the potential for integration hiccups. These can range from minor errors to significant disruptions, complicating what should be a straightforward process. Odoo's self-reliant setup ensures a smoother, error-free transition to digital invoicing, removing the complexities and potential faults associated with third-party integrations. 

As Belgium steps into a new era of digital compliance, the combination of Odoo and PEPPOL offers a clear path forward. Are you ready to embrace the future of e-invoicing and transform your business operations for the better?

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