Staff management 
in Odoo

With Odoo's personnel management, you have all your HR matters in one central location. Easily register working hours, manage absences, streamline your recruitment and onboarding process, and optimise your fleet. Everything you need for efficient management of your HR affairs can be found here.

Staff management

The Odoo Personnel Management module offers a comprehensive range of features to support all aspects of HR management. From hiring and onboarding new employees to tracking their performance and development, Odoo provides a central hub where you can manage all HR-related processes.

Recruitment and selection

Optimise your recruitment and selection process with Odoo. Create an attractive job page, promote vacancies, and effortlessly manage applications. Monitor each job opening and applicant closely, and build a database of skills and profiles, including indexed documents. 


With Odoo's personnel management, you can easily track employees' vacation and sick days. Employees submit requests that managers can quickly assess and approve. Managers have an overview of attendance and absences within their team, enabling organised task allocation. You can generate reports with a single click, providing insights into leave requests by type, employee, and department. Statistics aid in planning and ensuring maximum productivity.

Car fleet

With Odoo, managing your fleet becomes effortless. You no longer need a separate tracking system. With just a few mouse clicks, you can closely monitor your fleet through Odoo's smart app. Easily manage everything with our user-friendly administration system, including fuel logs, expenses, and other essential features for managing your company vehicles. 

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