in Odoo

Manage your offered services in Odoo. Keep your team on schedule, easily manage projects and their profitability. Invoice timesheets and maintain a clear overview. Provide excellent customer service with Odoo's field service and helpdesk.

Project management 

Thanks to Project Management in Odoo, you can effortlessly organise, plan, and analyse projects and tasks. The module provides the ability to assign tasks to your team, add notes and files, and analyse data using various visual interfaces and advanced search and filtering options.


The Timesheet feature in Odoo offers a wide range of benefits to track your team's progress, maximise margins, and make projects profitable. At the same time, you can effortlessly invoice clear and simple timesheets to clients. With this powerful function, you get a visual overview of your team's progress for each project or task.

Field service

With Odoo's Field Service module, employees on the go can easily plan and manage their work. This user-friendly module provides tools for scheduling, time tracking, creating work orders, and invoicing. Odoo works on any device connected to the internet. This means you don't need to install any software; you can start using it right away with a web browser!

Help desk

Odoo Helpdesk simplifies tracking, prioritising, and resolving tickets. With the kanban view, you can organise tickets according to your preferences. You get instant visibility into your team's workload and can monitor ticket status based on SLA rules. Reach out to customers via email, website forms, and live chat, ensuring excellent customer service!


With Odoo's Appointments module, you can easily manage your calendar and appointments. Customers can schedule appointments themselves at any time, based on the hours you specify. Easily integrate appointment links on your website, in your email signature, or through social media, and watch as your calendar automatically fills up.

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