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Effortlessly manage and automate all your retail processes in Odoo. With an integrated point of sale (POS) system, comprehensive CRM, ERP capabilities, and options for field service and after-sales support, you can elevate service quality and customer satisfaction to unprecedented heights.

“With the challenge of finding a new, future-proof ERP system that could grow with our company, we found our way to Odoo. Dynapps seamlessly guided us through the implementation. Thanks to their expertise in our industry and their retail-focused solution, we were able to start quickly and efficiently.”

MADE FOR retailers

Tailored solutions

Our plug-and-play solution is specifically designed for the retail sector. With a simple subscription model that doesn't require heavy investments in customization, you can efficiently manage products, promotions, prices, and gain more flexibility in sales, invoicing, and aftercare. 

Timber trade
Construction materials

odoo FOR retail

One platform, all your activities centralised

Efficiently run your store, both online and offline? With Odoo and Dynapps, you can manage your entire supply chain on one platform: from purchasing and inventory management to sales, webshops, service, and more.

  • Integrated point-of-sale (POS) system for your physical store
  • Customer-centric CRM, with all data in one place
  • Effortless inventory management with automated tasks
  • User-friendly and responsive webshop in multiple languages
  • Order processing and real-time reporting of your data
  • Detailed cash flow management and invoicing connected to your POS.
  • Customer portal where customers can track their orders
  • Dropshipping from the supplier to the consumer
  • ... and more! 

Quick start for retail

7 retail modules in Odoo 

In addition to the standard Odoo offering, we have developed specific Odoo functionalities tailored to your retail store. With our 7 out-of-the-box modules packaged in 2 convenient packages, you can efficiently manage products and promotions, calculate the correct VAT, and have more flexibility in sales, invoicing, and aftercare. All of this is available in one simple subscription plan, without heavy investments in customisation!

Point of Sale (POS)

Gain more flexibility in sales with the integrated point-of-sale (POS) system.

Product Fields

Additional information for efficient product management.

Promo Price

Quick and clear overview of products on sale.

Multi VAT on sale

Calculate the correct VAT, even with dependent tax rates.

Vendor Bill – Discount

Accurate processing of supplier discounts.

Field Service

Efficient scheduling and monitoring of service appointments.

Service Management

Easy management of serial numbers for repairs and replacements.

Quick start for retail

Discover our retail solutions

We have packaged our 7 out-of-the-box modules into 2 convenient packages, tailored to your business needs. And all of this is available in one simple subscription plan, without heavy investments in customisation.



Uncover the power of simple retail management in this package, with the integrated point-of-sale (POS) system as the foundation.

  • POS
  • Product Fields
  • Promo Price
  • Multi VAT on Sale
  • Vendor Bill - Cash Discount



Elevate your retail store to new heights. Discover the ultimate package for end-to-end retail management.

  • POS
  • Product Fields
  • Promo Price
  • Multi VAT on Sale
  • Vendor Bill - Cash Discount
  • Field Service
  • Service Management


Integrated Point-of-Sale system (POS)

The user-friendly cash register system is connected to inventory, the webshop, and accounting. Furthermore, every action is recorded, allowing you to know who is authorized and responsible for each action. With built-in loyalty programs, you can reward loyal customers and gain valuable information about their purchasing behavior, which is linked to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Promo price

In the fierce competition, promotions can make a difference. Thanks to Promo Price, you can apply discounts based on product categories, purchase volume, or temporary offers. Boost your sales with promotions!


Field service

Scheduling appointments, assigning tasks, and tracking work hours has never been easier. Let your customers digitally sign work orders and reports on-site. Thanks to automatic integration, all data is seamlessly processed during invoicing. 

Our retail customers

For these retail customers, we have already found a suitable solution in Odoo. 

Everything integrated

Did you know that we can seamlessly integrate all your software and hardware? We can quickly connect all your programs and devices needed to efficiently run your business.

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