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At Dynapps, we strongly believe in the power of partnerships. Our partners are essential for delivering the best solutions to our clients. By joining forces, we've created a dynamic ecosystem of expertise, creativity, and technology that enables us to constantly push boundaries and create the best-in-class solutions for our clients.

"Our collaboration with Dynapps focuses not only on implementing solutions but also on ensuring the seamless flow of everyday interactions with customers. Through our partnership, we have developed an efficient service approach that demonstrates our commitment to providing practical support day in and day out."

   Johan De Taeye Founder & owner Frepple


DeliveryMatch is a leading Order, Transport, and Shipping Management Software (OTSMS) that takes control of your entire logistics chain. DeliveryMatch calculates the most suitable and cost-efficient delivery options for each order in real-time. This method increases revenue while reducing costs and CO2 emissions. From order placement to the doorbell ring, DeliveryMatch guarantees the most efficient process.


Frepple is an open-source planning software that offers advanced planning and scheduling (APS) for demand forecasting, inventory planning, and production planning, all while seamlessly integrating with Odoo. Recently, we implemented Odoo for E-Power, extended with the functionalities of Frepple.


Catena Company, a partner in visual content creation, has recently collaborated with Dynapps to provide our customer, lednlux, with an integrated Product Information Management (PIM) system within Odoo. As a result, lednlux now has the capability to automate and streamline their product catalogs, optimizing and accelerating their operational processes.


Transsmart develops intelligent software to integrate shipping solutions with various ERP, WMS, and E-Commerce systems. Dynapps collaborates with Transsmart to offer these advanced shipping integration solutions to our customers, enabling them to optimize and streamline their logistics processes using Odoo.

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Your company is at the heart of Dynapps. Choosing us means choosing a reliable partner and Odoo expert. Through a personalized approach, professional advice, and dedicated service, we elevate your company to a higher level. 

Knowledge & experience

With our years of Odoo knowledge and experience across various sectors, we know precisely how to provide targeted assistance. 

Largest in Europe

Dynapps is the largest Odoo implementer in Europe. With over 165 implementations in various sectors, you can be sure to leverage all the benefits of Odoo. 

Service & support

New ERP software has an impact on your entire business. We support you in integrating Odoo across all levels of your company. Just ask one of our 3345 active Odoo users.

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