CRM in Odoo

By building a good relationship with your customers, you can increase their loyalty, increase your sales opportunities, and improve your profitability. Odoo CRM is an open source CRM software package that helps businesses improve their customer relationships. It offers a wide range of features, including lead generation, sales management, customer support, and reporting capabilities.

Pipeline dashboard

The Odoo pipeline management feature is an intuitive tool that can help businesses improve their sales performance. The drag-and-drop option, reporting capabilities, and automatic assignment make it a user-friendly and efficient way to manage leads and opportunities. 

Simple communication

Send and receive emails directly from Odoo to and from your contacts. Record phone and visit notes or notify team members by creating tasks.

Easy to create quotes

Odoo offers a user-friendly interface for creating quotes. With a few clicks, you can create a quote that looks professional and contains all relevant information. Odoo automatically generates a professional quote in PDF format based on your preferences. You can then send this quote to your customer.

Detailed customer information

Automate parameters at relationship level. Such as price agreements, payment terms, and tax position. This prevents errors during your sales or purchasing process.

Plan actions with the notifier

Plan actions such as calling, creating quotes, or emailing for yourself or team members. The notifier reminds you of an activity. This way, Odoo never loses sight of your actions!


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