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Last updated January 5, 2023

Use of Cookies

We find it important to offer tailored services and improve your user experience. To achieve this, Dynapps, with its registered office at 
Antwerpseweg 1, 2440 Geel uses ‘cookies’ and similar technologies to help facilitate the use of the website and improve its functionality.

With the help of cookies, certain personal data is automatically collected when using the website, such as IP address, browser type and operating system, the number of times you visited the website, and the pages you visited.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text fragments that are stored by a website in the web browser. The use of cookies allows visitors' browsers to be recognized, with the aim of remembering information about you. Cookies make it possible for a website to recognize your browser so that you can navigate a website faster and more easily. They also ensure that your personal settings and preferences are saved, so for example, when you visit the website again, you do not have to select your preferred language again. Certain cookies can also be placed by a third party, such as Google Analytics, to measure website usage (these are so-called third-party cookies). If you do not want a website to place cookies on your computer, you can change your browser settings. This is further explained in the following paragraph. 

How to disable cookies

If you choose to disable cookies, you can do so for the browser you use via:

Please note that disabling cookies may result in certain graphical elements or applications on the website not functioning properly. Dynapps takes all necessary steps to ensure the proper functioning of the website. However, certain elements of the website require the use of cookies.

Types of cookies

  1. How long are cookies stored?
    1. Temporary cookies
      Temporary cookies are only stored temporarily in your browser or application. Once you close your browser or application, these cookies are deleted.
    2. Permanent cookies
      Permanent cookies remain on your computer or mobile device, even if you close the browser or application. Permanent cookies enable you to be recognized during subsequent visits to the website or application. Permanent cookies remain on your device until their expiry date is reached, a new cookie is installed, or you delete them in your browser, application, or mobile device settings.
  2. Who places and manages cookies
    1. First-party cookies
      Direct or first-party cookies are managed by Dynapps and are specific to the visited or used website.
    2. Third-party cookies
      Indirect or third-party cookies are managed and placed by a third party. These cookies ensure that certain data is sent to third parties by your visit to the website. These can be, for example, cookies from social media or advertisers.
  3. Whu cookies?
    1. Necessary cookies
      Necessary or essential cookies are technical cookies that are required for the website to function. It is therefore recommended not to disable these cookies.
    2. Functional cookies
      These are cookies that ensure the website functions properly and guarantee faster and more efficient use. Examples include cookies for:
      1. remembering your login details
      2. ensuring the security of your login data
      3. ensuring the uniformity of the website layout

    3. Performantce and analysis cookies
      These cookies collect information on how visitors use our website. This is done with the aim of improving the content of our websites, further adapting them to the wishes of visitors, and increasing the user-friendliness of our websites, such as Google Analytics.
    4. Social media cookies
      The website can implement so-called embedded elements from other third parties, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. These are used to integrate social media into the website via plug-ins.
    5. Other cookies
      These are cookies that do not fall under any of the above categories. An example is cookies that can be enabled to perform web analysis to optimize the website. In addition to the mentioned performance and analysis cookies, other web analysis cookies may be used. These can be disabled because they may process identifiable personal data. This is not the case with the mentioned performance and analysis cookies.

      For more information about cookies, visit and

Dynapps uses different cookies 

Changes to our cookie policy 

We may adjust this cookie statement from time to time. Changes we make to our cookie policy in the future will be posted on this page. Check regularly for updates or changes to the cookie policy. By continuing to use this website after changes to this cookie policy have been made, you indicate that you accept these changes.

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