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Are you looking for software for the construction sector? Odoo and Dynapps offer an all-in-one software solution for all your administration and project management needs. With all your processes within a single platform, you can save a lot of time, effort, and money. Whether you are working on-site or in the office, with Odoo, you can keep track of your projects, effortlessly record everything from geodynamics to tool planning, and collaborate in a centralized manner.

14 building modules in Odoo

In addition to the standard Odoo offering, we have developed specific functionalities tailored to the construction sector. These modules provide extensive features and tools for project planning, cost control, resource management, and project tracking. They enable construction companies to efficiently and effectively manage construction projects from start to finish.


Manage customer and supplier data, including communication history.


Manage customer relationships, track sales opportunities, and ensure optimal communication.


Create and manage quotations, including pricing settings and conversion.

Cost estimation

Create a cost estimate and determine the feasibility and margin of projects.

Projects and planning

Manage projects, including task allocation, progress tracking, and resource management.


Centralized storage for organizing and sharing company documents.

Site monitoring

Manage construction projects, including planning, cost control, and monitoring.

Inventory management

Manage inventory, including deliveries, stock levels, and warehouse management.


Manage the entire procurement process, including suppliers and purchases.


Generate and manage invoices from A to Z. Seamlessly integrate with your accounting system.

Cost analysis

Calculate the actual costs of a project and compare them with estimates.

Progress statements

Create and manage specifications, tenders, measurement, and progress statements.

Mobile support

Gain mobile access to Odoo, enabling you to work on-the-go.


Geographical and location-based analysis, visualizations, and reporting.

From the beginning, Dynapps provided accurate answers to our technical questions, demonstrating their expertise in Odoo. The efficient implementation of Odoo in our organization was undoubtedly due to Dynapps' smooth project management. Experienced, flexible, and reliable are exactly the words I would use to describe them.

Christophe SuerickxCEO & Founder Group Suerickx

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