Optimise your business processes with our Odoo Starter packages

Have you just started a company or are you looking for an easy-to-implement ERP system that grows with your business? Discover the power of Odoo and our Quickstart packages! This way, you can optimize your business processes in no time.

As a new entrepreneur or startup, you face challenges related to growth and managing your business processes. A common pain point is the plethora of available software tools. Each tool has its own user interface and experience (UX/UI), leading to a jumble of systems. This results in tooling and data fragmentation, making it harder to maintain a clear overview. This fragmentation directly impacts usability and can undermine the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. Therefore, many businesses wonder: is there one comprehensive application that can solve all these problems and streamline the business?

The Perfect Solution for Startups and SMEs 

Our Quickstart packages are ideal for new entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises that want to digitize and streamline their business processes quickly and efficiently. Whether you want to streamline your customer management, automate your sales process, or accelerate your invoicing process, our Quickstart solution helps you get your business off to a flying start. 

Quick and Easy to Get Started 

When opting for a Quickstart package, we implement standard Odoo functionalities such as CRM, contacts, and invoicing within your company. We focus on functionalities relevant to your sector, allowing us to shorten the implementation time and get you started quickly. We offer this as an out-of-the-box solution, meaning you can start immediately without lengthy implementation trajectories. 

"In less than a day, you're set up with the fundamentals of Odoo. Startups that recognize the importance of a fully automated ERP system from day one are better equipped to face the administrative challenges during a growth phase."

Elke BijnensProduct Development Director Dynapps
What's in Your Odoo Starter Package? 

The Quickstart package includes the following essential modules: 

  • Contacts: Manage all your business relationships in one place.
  • CRM: Optimize your customer relationships and increase your sales opportunities. 
  • Sales: Automate your sales processes from quote to order. 
  • Purchasing: Simplify your purchasing procedures and inventory management. 
  • Invoicing: Streamline your invoicing process for faster payments.

These modules form the foundation for a streamlined business operation and are ready to use right away. Moreover, as your business grows, these solutions offer expansion possibilities to meet your changing needs. 

Discover the Benefits of Our Quickstart Packages
  • Quick and easy to implement 
  • Comprehensive functionalities: ERP, CRM, e-commerce 
  • Focus on your sector 
  • Out-of-the-box solution 
  • Scalable and flexible 
  • Affordable solution 

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