Expanding Horizons: LogicaSoft joins Dynapps.

As a devoted Odoo partner, we are proud to announce the addition of LogicaSoft to our ever-growing Dynapps family. This exciting development positions us as the world's premier Odoo implementation partner, building on our first acquisition and integration of Alpiek.

Join us as we dive deeper into this partnership, through an interview with Dynapps' founding partners, CEO Karel Hendrickx and COO Janik Thorez, along with Vincent Laurent and Jean-Christophe Perrot, co-founders and co-CEOs of LogicaSoft, who will be leading Dynapps’ brand-new Namur office.


Dynapps' Journey: A Decade of Growth

"Since our beginning in 2010, we've closely aligned our ambitions with Odoo's impressive growth," begins Karel. "In 2021, we partnered with Green Park Investment Partners, a specialised investment firm in digital and SaaS companies, to accelerate the realisation of that vision. In October 2023, we marked a significant milestone with our first acquisition. Dynapps acquired Alpiek, a renowned Dutch Odoo Gold Partner based in Oisterwijck (NL). And now, we're excited to announce the second one.”

"Odoo LIMS, with its specialised modules for laboratories, remains a valuable asset. With Dynapps, we will continue to promote and implement this unique solution on a global scale."

Karel HendrickxCEO and Co-founder Dynapps
LogicaSoft: A Perfect Fit

Jean-Christophe explains: "Over the past ten years, LogicaSoft has specialised in implementing Odoo solutions for mid-sized businesses. During this time, we've witnessed Odoo's significant evolution and growth, which has had an equally significant impact on our company. As we wanted to strengthen our position in the market, we began the search for a strong partner. That's when we crossed paths with Dynapps. From there on, our meetings with Janik and Karel confirmed that this collaboration could prove itself as a fruitful opportunity. That’s why we decided to partner with Dynapps.” 

"In our search for a strong partner we crossed paths with Dynapps. We had a very strong connection from the start - that's where our journey began."

Jean-Christophe PerrotCo-founder LogicaSoft

Janik continues: "When we look at the similarities between LogicaSoft and Dynapps, our culture and values match closely. We also share the same drive and ambition. Just like us, Vincent and Jean-Christophe have big plans for growth, not just in Belgium, but worldwide.” 

"We share the same culture and values - but also have the same drive and ambition."

Janik ThorezCOO and Co-founder Dynapps
Elargir Les Horizons: Entering the French Market

The integration of LogicaSoft marks Dynapps' entry into the French-speaking market, establishing a strong presence in Wallonia, the home base of Odoo. This expansion not only broadens the geographic reach but also marks Dynapps debut in the field of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), catering to the specific needs of laboratories. 

Vincent explains: "LIMS is a laboratory management software that LogicaSoft has been working on for a decade. It includes specialised modules for both commercial laboratories and production environments within laboratory settings. It is a unique and state-of-the art software that empowers laboratories to streamline sample management and data handling processes seamlessly. With Odoo LIMS, you can automate laboratory workflows, integrate instruments, and efficiently manage samples and associated data - all within the extensive Odoo suite.” Karel continues: "By incorporating LogicaSoft's Odoo LIMS as a valuable asset into Dynapps’ offering - and with esteemed references like Suez and Eurofins - we plan to further promote and implement this unique solution on a global scale.”

"Odoo LIMS, with its specialised modules for laboratories, remains a valuable asset. With Dynapps, we will continue to promote and implement this unique solution on a global scale."

Vincent LaurentCo-founder LogicaSoft
A Stronger Team, A Wider Client Base

With the acquisition of LogicaSoft, we are happy to welcome 15 new colleagues and 85 references, expanding our customer base to 350 clients. Our team now serves 7.750 active users and consists of 135 talented professionals across six offices in the Benelux region. Karel concludes: "As part of our growth journey, we are actively seeking opportunities to expand, in order to grow our presence, our offer, and our level of service for our customers and the wider Odoo community. Exciting times ahead!"

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