Ztech pioneers digital transformation with Odoo 17 migration

In a bold move to solidify its market position, Ztech has announced its commitment to further digitalization and an enhanced online presence. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to not only meet but exceed customer expectations in the digital age.

About Ztech

Ztech, a key player in the e-commerce and digital solutions sector, is renowned for its innovative approach to self-build support and e-commerce. By focusing on providing comprehensive solutions for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, Ztech has established itself as a trusted partner in residential, electrical, and smart home applications.

How Dynapps already helped

Dynapps has been instrumental in Ztech's digital journey, assisting in several critical projects. From establishing a robust webshop and integrating with legacy ERP systems to making significant improvements and implementing a hive (configurator) on the webshop, Dynapps has paved the way for Ztech's seamless transition to Odoo 17.

Transition to Odoo 17 & its benefits

The migration to Odoo 17 marks a significant milestone for Ztech. This upgrade promises a completely revamped e-commerce user experience, the launch of a fuse box configurator, and the development of digital tools designed to guide users efficiently. Moreover, the integration of self-build support on the Zelektro.be platform signifies a leap towards an all-encompassing digital ecosystem. This transition, supported by Dynapps, ensures that Ztech remains at the forefront of innovation, providing faster, more efficient service to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

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