Revolutionising Real Estate Management with Odoo and Dynapps

Within real estate management, embracing transformative technologies becomes not just a choice but a necessity. Discover how a family-owned real estate company based in Belgium, recognised this need and embarked on a groundbreaking journey to revolutionise their operations. With 90% of their portfolio dedicated to industrial real estate rentals for B2B clients, the challenges they faced were both unique and demanding. After having one of our project managers, Geert Van Baelen, share the story of real estate management at the Odoo Experience Days, we now present the complete case here as well.

This blog explores how one of our clients overcame these challenges and achieved a paradigm shift in their real estate management with the help of Odoo and Dynapps.


About our real estate client

As a family-owned business, our real estate client had a rich history, spanning across generations. Specialising in industrial real estate rentals, their portfolio included warehouses and offices primarily catering to B2B clients in Belgium.

Challenges faced: A change in mindset

One of the primary challenges faced was the need for a change in mindset. As the younger generation took the reins from their father and grandfather, they realised the existing administrative processes were heavily reliant on paperwork and Microsoft Office tools like Excel and Word. It was about time to move away from this archaic approach. 

  • Weak Integration Between Software Solutions: The existing software solutions lacked seamless integration, hindering overall efficiency and scalability. 
  • Not Scalable with Limited Automation: The systems were not scalable, lacking automation and reporting capabilities, with Excel being the go-to for most administrative tasks. 
  • Standalone Accounting Software: Manual invoice creation was a bottleneck, thanks to standalone accounting software.
Dive into the process with Dynapps

Dynapps carefully studied the real estate company's main tasks and organised them. Our project manager Geert Van Baelen, responsible for the project, dives into the project details. “We checked Odoo's existing tools and added some missing ones. We customised specific tools to fix the customer's problems. Our app for managing real estate included keeping track of sites, buildings, and units. We also made a special app in Odoo for customer contracts and subscriptions, making everything work smoothly.”, Geert explains.


The results: Go live 5 months after project kickoff

The transformative journey culminated in a successful go-live just five months after the project kickoff. The results were nothing short of revolutionary: 

  • Centralised Building Information: No more reliance on scattered Word documents and spreadsheets. 
  • Sales Pipeline Overview: A comprehensive view of the sales pipeline and potential conflicts. 
  • Customer Contract & Subscription Overview: A centralised overview of all customer contracts and subscriptions. 
  • Automation of Invoices: Invoices were automatically triggered, eliminating manual bottlenecks. 
  • Ready to Use Odoo Spreadsheets: The customer was now equipped to use Odoo spreadsheets with live data.

"Limite the number of your business stakeholders and you can achieve good results in less time."

Geert Van Baelen Project manager Dynapps

This real estate case study serves as a testament to how embracing innovation can revolutionise traditional industries, making them agile, efficient, and future-ready. The integration of Odoo and Dynapps has not only addressed existing challenges but has set the stage for continued success in the dynamic world of real estate management. 

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