Driving success with Orion's Odoo and DeliveryMatch-powered webshops: A tale of automotive excellence

In today's fast-paced business landscape, efficient logistics can make all the difference between staying ahead of the competition or falling behind. That's where our innovative partnership with DeliveryMatch comes into play. DeliveryMatch’s Order-, Transport-, and Shipping Management Software (OTSMS) brings a new level of efficiency to your webshop's checkout process, empowers the management of multiple warehouses for single customer deliveries, and offers reliable delivery options without the hassle of stock maintenance.

Orion Automotive: Navigating Complexity

One of the remarkable success stories stemming from this integration is Orion Automotive, a prominent player in the realm of protective and functional accessories for commercial vehicles. Orion recognized the transformative power of Odoo and decided to harness it to supercharge their e-commerce offering. 

Orion represents a unique challenge in the automotive industry. Their product range involves complex items where weights, dimensions and dangerous goods specifications can vary significantly. Add to this mix intricate characteristics, various carrier types, and data intricacies, and you have a logistical puzzle of impressive proportions. Handling dangerous goods like batteries adds another layer of complexity, and operating within a diverse customer landscape only amplifies the challenge. 

The Odoo project for Orion was expansive, covering the development of three webshops, reinforced by a robust backend system that spanned sales, purchase, inventory, and accountancy. A pivotal component of this implementation was carrier and real-time checkout integration via DeliveryMatch. To achieve seamless webshop checkout functionality, Multisafepay Odoo v16 integration was seamlessly woven into the system.

The Power of Partnerships: Where Dynapps meets DeliveryMatch 

Dynapps played a crucial role by installing specialized product-related modules in Orion’s backend. This enhancement empowered frontend users to explore unique vehicle and accessory combinations based on various parameters, thereby elevating their shopping experience to new heights. 

Before this transition, Orion relied on a single-company ERP system with basic warehousing and sales/purchasing capabilities. However, their strategic vision for future growth demanded a more versatile platform. Odoo, renowned for its flexible architecture, emerged as the perfect fit. Dynapps ensured a smooth transition, preserving standard Odoo modules while integrating extra functionalities where necessary. 

"The short timeline and the positive atmosphere surrounding the project make it particularly noteworthy, especially considering its inherent complexity."

Roland SlegersCEO DeliveryMatch

The integration of DeliveryMatch with Odoo has unlocked a world of efficiency. Users can now determine transportation costs with precision for both webshop transactions and backend sales. Leveraging Odoo's extensive network of connected carriers, users can calculate transportation expenses accurately, seamlessly communicating these costs to end customers. Additionally, DeliveryMatch automates the creation of transport bookings with various carriers, resulting in the generation of shipping labels and the storage of tracking information directly within Odoo. This elevated level of automation ensures the smooth and efficient handling of shipments, significantly enhancing overall logistical efficiency and customer service. 

Having collaborated with numerous suppliers and consultants and engaged in over 100 ERP integrations, this project stands out as one of Dynapps' smoothest experiences. “The short timeline and the positive atmosphere surrounding the project make it particularly noteworthy, especially considering its inherent complexity. It's a testament to what can be achieved when collaboration, innovation, and a positive environment converge.” says Roland Slegers, CEO at DeliveryMatch and Karel Hendrickx, CEO at Dynapps.

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