10 essential steps when building an SEO-optimised website in Odoo

Building websites is one thing, but having them SEO-optimised is another challenge. Navigating through Google's SEO-jungle can be a daunting task, and staying on top of ever-changing algorithms is a constant struggle. That's why we've consolidated the most crucial initiatives into 10 comprehensive steps you must take when building an SEO-optimised website in Odoo.

1. The importance of Meta Tags

In Odoo, every webpage should define the <title> and <description> meta data to enhance search engine visibility. While these elements are automatically generated based on your page title and content, it's essential to fine-tune them to align perfectly with your page's content and purpose. Failure to do so may result in downgrading by search engines, affecting your overall ranking. 
Odoo has a built-in SEO-optimisation feature, allowing you to optimise your titles and descriptions, and take charge of your SEO performance. 

2. Navigating through the Keyword Jungle

Keywords are specific words or phrases used in SEO to improve a website's visibility in search engine results. Through keyword research, relevant and high-traffic keywords are identified and strategically incorporated into page content, titles, and meta descriptions. Understanding user intent is crucial for creating content that satisfies search queries. Proper keyword usage leads to increased organic traffic and better search engine rankings, contributing to a successful online presence. 
Odoo provides a <keyword> finder to target relevant searches and optimise your content with the right keywords for improved traffic and visibility.


3. Content is key to SEO success

Content is the key to SEO success, and Odoo offers valuable modules to support your efforts. With Odoo Blogs, Slides, Forum, and Mailing List Archive, you can create compelling content and effectively engage your audience. These tools empower you to deliver quality content, optimize your web presence, and foster meaningful connections with your target audience. 

4. The power of Social Networks

Social media platforms are designed for mass sharing, and when your content receives significant shares, it is more likely to attract more backlinks, which play a crucial role in SEO ranking. Odoo provides powerful tools to facilitate content sharing across social media channels. By leveraging Odoo's social media sharing tools, you can drive mass sharing and generate more backlinks, ultimately boosting your website's SEO rankings and increasing its online visibility.

5. Test & rank

Ensure your website is well-tested to deliver a seamless user experience, improve SEO ranking, and reduce visitor abandonment rates. You can compare how your website ranks using services such as WooRank (woorank.com), Semrush (semrush.com), and Moz (moz.com).

6. Handling URLs

With clean and descriptive URLs automatically generated based on page content or title, Odoo ensures better search engine rankings and higher click-through rates. The use of hyphens to separate words, coupled with the option to customize URLs with targeted keywords, further optimizes pages for specific search queries. 

7. Multi-language support

With multi-language support in Odoo, your website's content will be accessible through different URLs, each corresponding to the language used. Leverage this feature to expand your reach to a broader audience and cater to diverse markets effectively. Odoo's multi-language support ensures seamless navigation and content delivery, enabling you to engage with international visitors and foster global business opportunities. 

8. Why page speed matters

Page load speed is a crucial factor for search engine ranking and user experience. A faster website not only improves visitor satisfaction but also boosts your page ranking. Odoo takes care of optimising page speed for you, employing various tricks to enhance loading times. By automatically compressing new images and pre-processing, concatenating, minifying, compressing, and caching CSS files, Odoo ensures optimal performance. You can compare your website's rank using tools like Google Page Speed and Pingdom Website Speed Test. 

9. Linking (internal & external)

Linking is the web's currency for SEO. Both internal and external links play a crucial role. Internal links help search engines understand your website's structure and navigate its content, while also keeping users engaged by directing them to relevant information. External links from high-authority sites act as a vote of confidence for your content, boosting your website's credibility and potentially improving your search ranking. In short, strategic linking strengthens your SEO foundation by enhancing both user experience and search engine perception.

10. Mastering Sitemaps in Odoo

The sitemap in Odoo plays a vital role in guiding search engine robots to index your web pages. Odoo automatically generates a /sitemap.xml file, which is cached and refreshed every 12 hours for optimal performance. By default, all URLs are included in this single sitemap file. However, if your website has many pages, Odoo intelligently creates a Sitemap Index file, following the sitemaps.org protocol, to group URLs in chunks of 45,000 per file. This ensures efficient and effective indexing, enhancing your website's visibility in search engine results. 

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* This blog post was inspired by Odoo's latest webinar on SEO performance in Odoo 17.

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