Revolutionising Real Estate Management with Odoo and Dynapps (kopie)

The recent Odoo Experience Days event brought together experts, innovators, and industry leaders to discuss the latest developments and success stories in the world of Odoo. One standout presentation was delivered by Geert Van Baelen, Project Manager at Dynapps, who shed light on Sungevity's transformative journey in the renewable energy sector, powered by Odoo.


About TM Technics

TM Technics is dedicated to enhancing indoor environments by installing ventilation and extraction systems. Evolving from its roots as a construction and assembly firm, the company now navigates the challenges of modern production while maintaining a commitment to fostering a pleasant climate in non-residential spaces.

The need for change

The decision to seek a new ERP system stemmed from the recognition that the existing system fell short of meeting the evolving needs of TM Technics. The growth in their operations, now spanning construction and production, necessitated a robust solution that could unify and streamline their diverse activities. Brain-Storm, a digital solutions guide, was brought in to assist TM Technics in finding an ERP system that could future-proof their processes and tools.

"We have grown tremendously in recent years. Originally we were a construction and assembly company, but now also handle production."

Els StappersManager TM Technics
Choosing Odoo and Dynapps

"Dynapps has provided exceptional guidance attentively addressing our needs and seamlessly integrating into our processes.", Els Stappers, Manager of TM Technics continues. In collaboration with Dynapps, TM Technics witnessed a seamless integration of Odoo into their operations. Dynapps, recognising the uniqueness of TM Technics' requirements, ensured that the transition was smooth and tailored to the company's specific needs.

Bridging gaps with customisation

Customisations played a pivotal role in enhancing the functionality of Odoo. A bespoke calculation tool was developed, simplifying processes and elevating budget management to new heights. This allowed TM Technics to gain real-time insights into costs across different departments, empowering informed decision-making.

"We had a calculation tool built, making the calculation process much simpler and improving budget management significantly."

Els StappersManager TM Technics
Automation and integration

The collaboration between Odoo and Dynapps proved indispensable on a large scale. Automation and integration between various components were deemed essential, and Dynapps emerged as the ideal partner to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation. The structured plan, project management, and attentive follow-up provided by Dynapps guaranteed a comprehensive and successful integration from start to finish.

"Dynapps guarantees guidance from A to Z with a very structured plan, project management and excellent follow-up."

Els StappersManager TM Technics

TM Technics' journey towards a more efficient and integrated operation stands as a testament to the importance of adapting to technological advancements. The collaboration with Odoo and Dynapps has not only addressed their immediate needs but has also positioned TM Technics for continued growth and success in the dynamic landscape of non-residential spaces. As businesses continue to evolve, the strategic choice of ERP systems becomes instrumental in fostering resilience, adaptability, and sustained excellence.

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