Retail transformeren met Odoo en Dynapps: het succesverhaal van Elektro Van Assche (kopie)

Elektro Van Assche, an established name in the electrical industry, recently chose Odoo as a futureproof ERP system and implemented it with the expert assistance of Dynapps. By utilizing Dynapps' Quickstart for Retail, which includes an integrated point-of-sale system and service module, the company was able to significantly simplify its processes and improve customer service.


About 50five

50five has established itself as a trusted brand in the smart home industry, offering an extensive range of products and services that transform houses into intelligent, energy-efficient homes. Their commitment to creating comfortable and sustainable living spaces has earned them a loyal customer base and propelled their rapid growth. However, as the market landscape became increasingly competitive and the demand for innovative solutions skyrocketed, 50five faced new operational challenges.

“We chose Dynapps as our partner because of their unwavering flexibility and their deep understanding of our industry. With both Dynapps and Odoo, we have a scalable solution that can grow alongside us in this highly dynamic and fast-paced environment." 

Denis BrunkCOO 50five
The need for flexibility in a rapidly evolving market

To stay ahead of the curve in the smart home industry, 50five recognized the importance of flexibility and adaptability. The market was evolving at an unprecedented pace, with new technologies and products constantly emerging. In such a dynamic environment, traditional business management systems fell short in meeting the company's evolving needs.

Choosing Odoo and Dynapps

After an extensive evaluation process, 50five chose Odoo as their preferred ERP solution. Odoo's modular nature and extensive range of applications offered the flexibility and scalability required to meet 50five's unique business requirements. From inventory management and sales automation to accounting and finance, Odoo provided a unified platform that could streamline operations and provide real-time visibility across the organization.

To ensure a successful implementation and ongoing support, 50five partnered with DynApps, a recognized leader in Odoo implementations. DynApps' expertise in deploying Odoo solutions in dynamic industries made them the ideal choice for 50five. With their deep understanding of the smart home market and their commitment to delivering tailored solutions, Dynapps became a strategic partner in 50five's digital transformation journey.

"The integration of modules such as Help Desk and Field Service in Odoo has revolutionized our customer support and field operations. We now have a streamlined process that ensures timely ticket resolution and efficient deployment of our field service technicians, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty."

Maurice Van DongenBusiness Developer 50five
Embracing growth and gaining a competitive edge

By harnessing the power of Odoo and the expertise of Dynapps, 50five embarked on a journey to transform their operations and gain a competitive edge. With a centralized system in place, 50five could effectively manage their inventory, streamline sales processes, and automate accounting tasks. Real-time insights and data-driven decision-making became the norm, enabling 50five to respond swiftly to market changes and customer demands.

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